Mission Statement

Mission Statement

To provide a quality service that ensures safety, compassion, knowledge, and care by listening and helping our Members through consistency, teamwork, and high ethical standards.

Value Statement

Reliability, commitment, compassion, respect, hard work, and encouragement are the values towards which our company’s employees strive. It is these values that give ITC a solid reputation in the Home Healthcare Industry. These are the Standards of Excellence for all ITC employees.

Vision Statement

All employees are required to complete a two hour one-on-one orientation with a Member care coordinator prior to starting their employment with ITC. In addition, caregivers are required to pass a criminal history background check, article 9 training, become certified in CPR and First Aid and ongoing training throughout the year. ITC caregivers go above and beyond the call of duty. This means ITC expects the staff to make the extra effort to ensure our Members are receiving the highest level of care. Our quality assurance program is state of the art and all caregivers are evaluated regularly to ensure that they are meeting our standards of excellence.