Company Values

Member Focus

ITC focuses on providing its Members with the highest level of care.


Standard of Excellence

The standard of excellence for ITC means commitment, reliability, trust, care, hard work, honesty, and encouragement.


The philosophy at ITC is to create a teamwork oriented environment. We are adamant about informing and updating our Members regularly. We strive to work with the physicians, nursing staff, Member care coordinators, case managers, family members, administrative staff and everyone who is a valuable part of the integral team. Our goal is to ensure that all ITC Members receive quality care in the comfort of their own home. We strongly believe this is only accomplished through a company who stands by its employees and encourages a team oriented work environment.


We have passion for everything we do in our business. This includes remaining a leader in the home care community and constantly staying on the cutting edge of training, service and knowledge within this field.


ITC stands for uncompromising business ethics. ITC holds all of its employees to making the right decision and doing what is best for our Members. At ITC employees are held to an oath of going above and beyond their job description and taking pride in their daily work.